Why do websites cost so much?!

I was recently asked by a client, ‘I just want something simple, Why is it that websites cost so much?’ After I explained to them what they are paying for, it became much more clearer for them. Quite simply put: You should be investing in a system that accommodates your business. That is difficult to
I have worked for several years producing content for SMB’s in the entertainment industry. From event promoters to producers and even the entertainers themselves. So after collaborating with other content developers in this industry we have been able to notice an impeding recurrence amongst this particular niche. The most frugal (cheapest) means of media marketing
Recently a friend of mine asked me how I get around internet safety issues for production when traveling. Often times, I’m only working from my laptop or my smartphone, answering emails, sending and receiving messages, writing notes or checking an itinerary. Occasionally we’ll also produce content for our site, or we may be producing a

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